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Battles/Soldiers 07/02/1863 After midnight outside Carlisle, General J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry is ordered to concentrate on Gettysburg
Lawmaking/Litigating 06/15/1860 After more than three months, the U.S. Senate releases Thaddeus Hyatt from the Washington Jail
Battles/Soldiers 04/03/1865 After nine months of bloody attempts, the Union Army marches into Petersburg, Virginia
Battles/Soldiers 06/03/1861 After Philippi, nineteen years old James Edward Hanger becomes the first amputee of the Civil War
Battles/Soldiers 05/25/1863 After twice failing to storm the city, Union General Grant orders a siege at Vicksburg, Mississippi
Battles/Soldiers 03/06/1861 After weeks of refusal, the commander of Fort Brown in Texas surrenders and marches his men to the coast
Business/Industry 01/23/1862 Agoston Haraszthy brings 100,000 vine cuttings from Europe to the vineyards of northern California
Campaigns/Elections 05/23/1860 Alabama Constitutional Union Convention in Selma applauds nominations of Bell and Everett
Crime/Disasters 06/14/1860 Alabama lighter capsizes in Mobile Bay during a squall and two men drown
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/11/1861 Alabama secedes from the Union
Battles/Soldiers 01/04/1861 Alabama state troops seize the massive arsenal at Mount Vernon in Mobile County
Campaigns/Elections 12/27/1860 Alabama's commissioner to Kentucky warns Governor Magoffin of race war under Republican rule
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/01/1861 Alabama's secession commissioner warns Delaware of slave insurrection under Republican rule
Lawmaking/Litigating 01/07/1861 Alabama's secession convention assembles in Montgomery
Foreign 05/01/1852 Alberdi publishes a proposal for a new Argentine constitution based heavily on the Constitution of the United States
Legal/Political 02/11/1860 Albert Hazlett convicted of murder in Charlestown, Virginia
Crime/Disasters 07/09/1860 Albert Hicks, facing execution as the United States' last pirate, confesses to a spectacular life of crime
Crime/Disasters 05/14/186005/18/1860 Albert Hicks, the United States' last pirate, goes on trial for his life in New York city
Crime/Disasters 07/13/1860 Albert Hicks, the United States' last pirate, is hanged on Bedloe's Island in New York Bay
Battles/Soldiers 11/22/1861 Albert Pike is commissioned as a Confederate brigadier general and given command of the Indian Territory