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Crime/Disasters 07/09/1860 Albert Hicks, facing execution as the United States' last pirate, confesses to a spectacular life of crime
Crime/Disasters 05/14/186005/18/1860 Albert Hicks, the United States' last pirate, goes on trial for his life in New York city
Crime/Disasters 07/13/1860 Albert Hicks, the United States' last pirate, is hanged on Bedloe's Island in New York Bay
Battles/Soldiers 11/22/1861 Albert Pike is commissioned as a Confederate brigadier general and given command of the Indian Territory
Personal 04/06/1862 Albert Sidney Johnston becomes the war's highest ranking casualty when he bleeds to death at Shiloh
Cultural 11/16/1859 Aleksandr Ostrovsky's play "Groza," or "The Storm," premieres in Moscow.
Foreign 09/07/1856 Alexander II is crowned as Emperor of the Russian Empire
Foreign 05/06/1859 Alexander von Humboldt dies in Berlin
Foreign 12/23/1858 Alexander, ruler of Serbia, is forced to abdicate
Education/Culture 04/16/1859 Alexis de Tocqueville dies at Cannes in France
Personal 08/05/1858 Alexis Soyer, the most famous chef in Europe, dies in London
Foreign 10/09/1859 Alfred Dreyfus, future French artillery officer and Devil's Island prisoner, is born in Alsace
Science/Technology 10/06/1863 Alfred Nobel takes out his first patent for nitro-glycerine in Sweden
Legal/Political 11/18/1859 All defendants in the Columbus Jones kidnapping case acquitted in Massachusetts
US/the World 06/19/1860 All remaining Neapolitan troops sail from Palermo and withdraw from Sicily
Religion/Philosophy 11/01/1850 All Saints Day
Religion/Philosophy 11/01/1859 All Saints Day
Religion/Philosophy 11/01/1858 All Saints Day
Religion/Philosophy 11/01/1857 All Saints Day
Religion/Philosophy 11/01/1857 All Saints Day