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Battles/Soldiers 07/08/1861 Advancing Union troops skirmish with retreating Virginia troops at Laurel Hill in western Virginia
Religion/Philosophy 11/27/1864 Advent Sunday - The first Sunday of Advent, the beginning of the year in the Christian calendar
Education/Culture 08/05/1859 Advocates for women's rights meet in Poughkeepsie, New York
Personal 08/15/1860 African-American actress and activist Henrietta Vinton Davis born in Baltimore, Maryland
Battles/Soldiers 05/13/1862 African-American slave defects with his Confederate dispatch boat from Charleston Harbor
Battles/Soldiers 05/27/1863 African-American troops perform well in the abortive attack on Port Hudson and earn wide praise
Battles/Soldiers 05/27/1863 Afro-Creole Captain Andre Cailloux falls at the head of his troops in the attack on Port Hudson
Battles/Soldiers 04/02/1865 After 292 days of Union siege, General Robert E. Lee orders the evacuation of Petersburg, Virginia
Crime/Disasters 01/28/1865 After a ten week voyage from India, a East India merchant ship wrecks on the Irish coast
Crime/Disasters 01/24/1862 After eight days, rescuers at the Hartley Colliery disaster find the remains of 199 men and boys
Battles/Soldiers 07/04/1863 After forty-seven days of intense siege, Vicksburg surrenders to Grant's Army of the Tennessee
US/the World 11/26/1865 After heated anti-Spanish demonstrations in Lima, Peruvian President Canseco is overthrown
Battles/Soldiers 07/02/1863 After midnight outside Carlisle, General J.E.B. Stuart's cavalry is ordered to concentrate on Gettysburg
Lawmaking/Litigating 06/15/1860 After more than three months, the U.S. Senate releases Thaddeus Hyatt from the Washington Jail
Battles/Soldiers 04/03/1865 After nine months of bloody attempts, the Union Army marches into Petersburg, Virginia
Battles/Soldiers 06/03/1861 After Philippi, nineteen years old James Edward Hanger becomes the first amputee of the Civil War
US/the World 10/23/1865 After the Morant Bay riots, Jamaica's Governor John Eyre hangs his main legislative critic for high treason
Campaigns/Elections 12/29/1865 After thirty-five years of continuous anti-slavery efforts under its editor William Lloyd Garrison, the Liberator ceases publication
Battles/Soldiers 05/25/1863 After twice failing to storm the city, Union General Grant orders a siege at Vicksburg, Mississippi
Battles/Soldiers 03/06/1861 After weeks of refusal, the commander of Fort Brown in Texas surrenders and marches his men to the coast