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Battles/Soldiers 06/15/1863 Texas Infantry fight a rearguard action as the Confederates withdraw from Richmond, Louisiana
Battles/Soldiers 06/07/1863 In Louisiana, Texas troops abort the planned attack on Young's Point after a debilitating day long march
Battles/Soldiers 04/08/1864 At Mansfield, Louisiana, Confederate forces deal a severe blow to the Union's Red River Campaign
Battles/Soldiers 04/09/1864 In Louisiana, after defeat the day before, reinforced Union troops repel further attacks at Pleasant Hill
Battles/Soldiers 10/03/1859 William Walker launches another fillibustering attempt against Nicaragua from New Orleans
Battles/Soldiers 09/28/1859 Mexican bandits occupy Brownsville, Texas and kill five citizens
Battles/Soldiers 10/17/1859 John Brown's attack on Harpers Ferry continues with the townspeople fighting back
Battles/Soldiers 10/18/1859 John Brown's attack on Harpers Ferry ends when Marines storm the Engine House
Battles/Soldiers 10/18/1859 In New Mexico, U.S. Army mounted infantry fight a small band of Navajo
Battles/Soldiers 08/04/1859 Major Lewis Armistead and his men defeat a party of hostile Indians in the Mojave region of California
Battles/Soldiers 08/14/1859 U.S. Army in action against hostile Indians in Utah Territory
Battles/Soldiers 05/02/1859 Long-range patrol in force from the Second Cavalry defeats Comanche war party in south Texas
Battles/Soldiers 02/27/1859 First Cavalry fight a small skirmish with Comanche in the Wachita Mountains
Battles/Soldiers 02/07/1859 U.S. Army skirmish with the Mescalero Apache in west Texas goes badly
Battles/Soldiers 02/13/1859 In Texas, the Army recovers a horse herd stolen by Indians
Battles/Soldiers 10/17/1858 In New Mexico, an audacious Navajo attack on the Fort Defiance livestock herd is driven off
Battles/Soldiers 10/19/1859 John Brown and his surviving raiders are taken to Charlestown, Virginia under heavy guard
Battles/Soldiers 05/06/1862 William Stoker enters Company H of the 18th Texas Infantry in Jefferson, Texas
Battles/Soldiers 05/15/1864 Private William Stoker dies sometime after the Battle of Jenkins' Ferry in May 1864
Battles/Soldiers 05/26/186307/03/1863 In Mississippi, the Siege of Vicksburg continues