Frances Watkins Harper to William Still, August 1, 1854

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    William Still, The Underground Rail Road (Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 1872), 758.
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    Sayo Ayodele
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    Well, I am out lecturing. I have lectured every night this week; besides addressed a Sunday school, and I shall speak, if nothing prevent, to-night. My lectures have met with success. Last night I lectured in a white church in Providence. Mr. Gardener was present, and made the estimate of about six hundred persons. Never, perhaps, was a speaker, old or young, favored with a more attentive audience. * * * My voice is not wanting in strength, as I am aware of, to reach pretty well over the house. The church was the Roger Williams; the pastor, a Mr. Furnell, who appeared to be a kind and Christian man. * * * My maiden lecture was Monday night in New Bedford on the Elevation and Education of our People. Perhaps as intellectual a place as any I was ever at of its size.

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