Raleigh (NC) Register, "Another Outrage," November 27, 1850

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    “Another Outrage,” Raleigh (NC) Register, November 27, 1850, p. 3: 2.
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    Raleigh Register
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    Another Outrage
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    We learn from Baltimore papers, that Mr. J. G. McPheeters, formerly of Raleigh, while on his passage from St. Louis to this City, was detained in Pittsburg [Pittsburgh], one day last week, awaiting the boat for Brownsville, and whilst there had a servant stolen from him by the abolitionists of that place. She was in attendance on his child as a nurse, and had been tenderly and kindly raised, her parents and grand-parents being favorite house servants in his father’s family, and the child, having no mother, was tenderly attached to her, who had always been her companion – so much so that she is now lying ill in Baltimore, caused by continued mourning for her. On application to the Marshal and some friends, as to what could be done towards her recovery, he was told that such was the state of feeling in Pittsburg [Pittsburgh], and such the arrangement of the abolitionists, that there was no chance for him to recover the servant!!

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