Atchison (KS) Freedom’s Champion, “Walker vs. Brown,” December 3, 1859

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    “Walker vs. Brown,” Atchison (KS) Freedom’s Champion, December 3, 1859, p. 1: 3.
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    Atchison Freedom’s Champion
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    Walker vs. Brown
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    WALKER VS. BROWN. – A different measure has been meted out to Walker and his crew than will probably be dealt to Brown and his set. Walker, who organized an armed invasion of a peaceful neighboring State, has been acquitted by the New Orleans Court; but Brown can only look forward to execution. Yet we do not see that Brown was relieved by a generous though mistaken purpose of giving freedom to an oppressed race, while that of Walker had no other end than to establish slavery on a new soil. Brown was the victim of his own heated and disordered fancies, while Walker planned his schemes in cold blood, and with the most deliberately selfish ends. Southern law knows of no penalty for Walker, although it can hardly wait its own processes in its eagerness for the life of Brown.

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