(St. Louis) Missouri Republican, “Vehicles in St. Louis,” October 10, 1858

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    “Vehicles in St. Louis,” (St. Louis) Missouri Republican, October 10, 1858, p. 2: 1.
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    St. Louis Daily Missouri Republican
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    Vehicles in St. Louis
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    VEHICLES IN ST. LOUIS. – In another article, we give some statistics about the omnibuses in this city. By the kindness of Mr. JOEL G. HARPER, City Register, we have been permitted to look over certain books in his office, by which we are enabled, with tolerable accuracy, to furnish the reader with the number of other licensed vehicles, except buggies and livery stable carriages, which have not all been returned to the Register this year, as yet. The number of hackney carriages licensed, is 80; furniture cars, 121; baggage wagons, 122; carts, 250; drays, 769; and wagons, 967. Last year the revenue for vehicles alone was upwards of $15,000. There is no question that, allowing a fee to the Register, for every vehicle licensed, as has been done heretofore by ordinance, is a great incentive to that officer to see that owners of the various wheeled craft do not neglect to have the necessary permits issued to them. Thus it will be seen that, by the vigilance which his own interests prompts the Register to exercise, while his own income will be materially augmented, the revenue to the city must in consequence be largely increased.

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