Cleveland (OH) Herald, “No Riot,” November 26, 1859

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    “No Riot,” Cleveland (OH) Herald, November 26, 1859, p. 3: 7.
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    Daily Cleveland Herald
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    “No Riot,” Cleveland (OH) Herald, November 26, 1859, p. 3: 7.
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    NO RIOT.

    CARLISLE, PA., Nov. 26.

    The false reports sent from here in relation to a pretended revolt among the students of Dickinson College being calculated to injure the prospects of the institution and distress its friends and patrons, I repeat my former assurance that there is no rebellion here, neither has there been. The officers of the College are moving on with their usual quiet order.

    The only thing out of which the reports could be fabricated is that the Faculty for good cause suspended four members of the Senior class until Christmas. The affair created a temporary effervescence as such things often do. Perhaps some member tried to stir up a rebellion but the good sense of the students was the strong for them things have gone on without the interruption of a single recitation, the truth of these dispatches are a source by which malcontent students seek to vent their spite against the faculty, and the author has committed a grave wrong which cannot be allowed to pass by without notice.


    Pres. Dickinson College.

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