New York Times, “A Strike of Brick-yard Laborers,” April 29, 1859

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    “A Strike of Brick-yard Laborers,” New York Times, April 29, 1859, p. 4: 6.
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    New York Times
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    A Strike of Brick-yard Laborers
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    A Strike of Brick-yard Laborers.

    ST. LOUIS, Thursday, April 28.

    A strike among the laborers in some of the brick yards, which has been in progress for several days, assumed a riotous character yesterday, and a considerable amount of property was destroyed. The police were called out, and after a slight skirmish, resulting in the wounding of several laborers and two policemen, the rioters were dispersed. This morning the men assembled again in large force, and assumed such a threatening attitude that the Mayor gave orders to the military to preserve the peace.

    ANDERSON’S saw-mill was burned yesterday ; loss $20,000.

    The movement among the strikers this morning has been much exaggerated. There was no hostile demonstration, and the military were withdrawn. The excitement still continues, however, very great.

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