New York Herald, “The United States Senators From Kansas,” February 20, 1858

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    “The United States Senators From Kansas,” New York Herald, February 20, 1858, p. 4: 4.
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    New York Herald
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    The United States Senators From Kansas
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    THE UNITED STATES SENATORS FROM KANSAS. – According to the latest pronunciamiento from the immortal John Calhoun, the organic State Legislature of Kansas will be in the hands of the free State party. In this event, the first result from the admission of Kansas under the Lecompton constitution will most probably be the presentation to the United States Senate of the credentials of General Jim Lane and Governor Robinson as the duly elected members of that body from the State of Kansas. What a commentary will this be upon the present hue and cry against the administration for “selling the cause of freedom in Kansas to the slave power!” On the other hand, what better proof could be demanded of the self-sacrificing and patriotic labors of John Calhoun in behalf of “popular sovereignty” than the election of Lane and Robinson to the Senate under his Lecompton programme? Yet this is the man denounced as a traitor and a vagabond by all the anti-slavery agitators in and out of Kansas, when, in truth, he has done more to make Kansas a free State than all the ship’s crew of them put together. Pass Lecompton, and let General Lane take his seat next to Mr. Douglas.

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