Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, “Douglas in Kentucky,” July 27, 1859

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    “Douglas in Kentucky,” Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, July 27, 1859, p. 2: 2.
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    Chicago Press and Tribune
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    Douglas in Kentucky
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    Douglas in Kentucky.

    Mr. Bell, the opposition candidate for Governor in Kentucky, asked his opponent Mr. McGoffin [Magoffin], whether he would support Douglas for the Presidency in case he is nominated at Charleston, and demanded a categorical answer. McGoffin told Bell that his object in asking the question was to drive him into a position that would lose him several thousand votes, and for that reason he would not answer. Subsequently, however, Bell [pressed?] McGoffin so hard on the subject that he concluded he would lose more by keeping silent than by answering, so he said in reply: “I denounce Douglas, but will vote for the nominee of the Charleston Convention.” This evasion of the direct question coupled with the harsh allusion to Douglas, shows conclusively the status of the shorn giant with the Kentucky Democracy, and puts a complete extinguisher upon the hope heretofore entertained by his friends that he would get the vote of Kentucky in Convention.

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