Lowell (MA) Journal and Courier, "The Senatorial Canvass in Illinois," September 22, 1858

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"The Senatorial Canvass in Illinois," Lowell (MA) Journal and Courier, September 22, 1858, in Edwin Erle Sparks, ed., The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 (Springfield: Illinois State Historical Library, 1908), 265-266.
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Lowell Journal and Courier
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The Senatorial Canvass in Illinois
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Transcription adapted from The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 (1908), edited by Edwin Erle Sparks
Adapted by David Park, Dickinson College
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The following transcript has been adapted from the Lincoln Douglas Debates of 1858 (1908).

The Senatorial Canvass in Illinois.

—The Third senatorial discussion between Douglas and Lincoln took place at Jonesboro, Southern Illinois, on the 15th inst. Jonesboro' is one of the darkest regions of " Egypt, " thirty miles from Cairo, and three hundred from Chicago. Union county, in which it is situated, gave at the Presidential election 46 votes for Fremont, 246 for Fillmore, and 1283 for Buchanan. Here, Douglas was supposed to be on his own ground, and in his own classic phrase, he was here to bring Lincoln "to hismilk. " According to the correspondent of the New York Evening Post, however, his success was not very flattering. There were only about 1200 persons in attendance, showing less enthusiasm on the part of the friends of Douglas than might have been expected. About one half of these were Douglas men, one fourth Buchananites, and the remainder Republicans. Mr. Douglas' speech was not marked by his usual ability, and his delivery was very bad, while Lincoln's speech was said to have been the best he had delivered. Union county promises to give the Republican ticket three or four hundred votes, which is more than the Fremont and Fillmore vote combined in 1856.

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