Ripley (OH) Bee, “The Admission of Kansas,” May 10, 1860

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    “The Admission of Kansas,” Ripley (OH) Bee, May 10, 1860, p. 2: 5.
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    Ripley Bee
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    The Admission of Kansas
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The Admission of Kansas.

    Southern Senators have determined to manage if possible to keep Kansas out of the Union till after the Presidential election, lest her vote might exercise a controlling influence in case the choice should come to the House. Her admission would make eighteen States necessary to choose. They have now some little hope of getting the requisite seventeen for a Southern man, or failing in that, to defeat the election by the House, and thus devolve upon the Senate, where their chances will be greater. But even here they much prefer not to have two Republican Senators from Kansas. – They may have power to play this game but will find it dangerous, as the people of the Free States will become so exasperated by this new outrage upon Kansas that they will settle the contest at the polls beyond a peradventure.

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