Milwaukee (WI) Sentinel, "The Coming Contest in Pennsylvania," October 3, 1860

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    "The Coming Contest in Pennsylvania," Milwaukee (WI) Sentinel, October 3, 1860, p. 1: 1.
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    Milwaukee Daily Sentinel
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    The Coming Contest in Pennsylvania
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The Coming Contest in Pennsylvania.

    All eyes are turned towards Pennsylvania, in view of the struggle pending over the State election. The public mind is profoundly interested in this issue, for it is well known that the Democrats are resorting to every corrupt agency within their reach to carry that State, as they did in 1856, by fraud. It affords us pleasure to believe that they are to be badly beaten. The evidence upon which that belief is based comes from highly respectable and reliable sources. The Philadelphia North American and Gazette, one of the most conservative, cautious and intelligent journals in the State, speaks confidently of a Republican victory in the Keystone State. It says information from all parts of the interior is as complete as practicable, and extends in detail to most of the counties. The organization is better than for years past, and the enthusiasm inspired by a good cause, and the certainty of coming victory, has no parallel but that of 1840. And in the northwest and western portions of the State, the feeling even exceeds that memorable period. Its confidence in the result is confirmed by all the intelligence from every quarter, and it has the best reason to believe that Mr. CURTIN’S majority will range from 15,000 to 20,000, and may far exceed it. His election is beyond doubt by a large majority, the extent of which may be determined by various contingencies. None of them can reduce his strength, and some of them may augment it materially.

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