Internal Improvements. — The position, extent, and resources of Pennsylvania have naturally stimulated her people to the establishment of all needful facilities for the promotion of her great agricultural, manufacturing, and commercial interests. Accordingly her revenues and credit, and the means of her wealthiest citizens, have been liberally devoted to the construction of various descriptions of public works, some of which are on a scale of great magnitude. Railroads and canals intersect the country in all directions, connecting the tide waters on the eastern boundary with those of the Ohio, and between all the principal points of trade throughout the state… (Gazetteer of the United States of America, 1854)
Place Unit Type
State or Province
Containing Unit
Date Type
- An unprecedented late spring frost causes massive crop damage across the northern United States Crime/Disasters
- Andrew Gregg Curtin serves as Governor of Pennslyvania Legal/Political
Ashmun Institute opens in Chester County, Pennsylvania Cultural
First university for African-Americans incorporated in Pennsylvania Education/Culture
General elections are held in five states - Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Minnesota Campaigns/Elections
- Heavy rains cause transportation chaos in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey Crime/Disasters
In Pennsylvania, Douglas and Breckinridge Democrats unite behind gubernatorial nominee Henry Foster Campaigns/Elections
In Pennsylvania, General John W. Geary is elected governor as Republicans again dominate. Campaigns/Elections
Pennsylvania adopts the nation's first state child labor law Lawmaking/Litigating
Pennsylvania has a public debt of more than thirty-eight million dollars Lawmaking/Litigating
Pennsylvania Republicans meet in Harrisburg and Philadelphia to ratify the recent nominations in Chicago Campaigns/Elections
Pennsylvania votes $500,000 for the expansion of its militia Lawmaking/Litigating
President Buchanan rejects Virginia's call for federal forces to police neighboring states Legal/Political
Republicans sweep to victory in state-wide elections in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota Campaigns/Elections
Tax officials in Pennsylvania give the states's taxable value as $569,049,995 Business/Industry
The War Department sets up two new Army Departments for the defense of Pennsylvania Battles/Soldiers
Name Type
Adams County, PA County
Allegheny County, PA County
Armstrong County, PA County
Beaver County, PA County
Bedford County, PA County
Berks County, PA County
Blair County, PA County
Bradford County, PA County
Bucks County, PA County
Butler County, PA County
Cambria County, PA County
Carbon County, PA County
Centre County, PA County
Chester County, PA County
Clarion County, PA County
Clearfield County, PA County
Clinton County, PA County
Columbia County, PA County
Crawford County, PA County
Cumberland County, PA County
Dauphin County, PA County
Delaware County, PA County
Elk County, PA County
Erie County, PA County
Fayette County, PA County
Forest County, PA County
Franklin County, PA County
Fulton County, PA County
Greene County, PA County
Huntingdon County, PA County
Indiana County, PA County
Jefferson County, PA County
Juniata County, PA County
Lackawanna County, PA County
Lancaster County, PA County
Lawrence County, PA County
Lebanon County, PA County
Lehigh County, PA County
Luzerne County, PA County
Lycoming County, PA County
McKean County, PA County
Mercer County, PA County
Mifflin County, PA County
Monroe County, PA County
Montgomery County, PA County
Montour County, PA County
Northampton County, PA County
Northumberland County, PA County
Perry County, PA County
Philadelphia County, PA County
Pike County, PA County
Potter County, PA County
Schuylkill County, PA County
Somerset County, PA County
Sullivan County, PA County
Susquehanna County, PA County
Tioga County, PA County
Union County, PA County
Venango County, PA County
Warren County, PA County
Washington County, PA County
Wayne County, PA County
Westmoreland County, PA County
Wyoming County, PA County
York County, PA County
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