New Haven (CT) Palladium, “The Reception,” November 25, 1865

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    “The Reception,” New Haven (CT) Palladium, November 25, 1865, p. 2: 1.
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    New Haven Daily Palladium
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    The Reception
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    THE RECEPTION. – After many provoking delays the colored soldiers whose return has been so long looked for, arrived in Hartford yesterday, and were received in a manner that did credit to the people of that city. Upon their arrival the soldiers were invited to the City Hall, which place had been tastefully prepared for them, where a bountiful repast was provided, consisting of every delicacy that the appetite could crave, after partaking of which they were eloquently addressed by Gov. Buckinghan, Col. Wm. B. Wooster, and Gen Joseph R. Hawley. Our account represents the reception as enthusiastic and imposing, and one well calculated to manifest the gratitude of those who were engaged in it. The soldiers appreciated the attentions bestowed upon them, conducted themselves in a quiet and orderly manner, and presented an excellent appearance. How ineffably mean must the sneaking copperhead have felt while looking upon the war-worn veterans, in the reflection that while they were fighting to save a nation that had always oppressed them, he was seeking to destroy it, and was traducing them.

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