Chicago (IL) Tribune, “Prepare to Howl!,” April 10, 1861

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    “Prepare to Howl!,” Chicago (IL) Tribune, April 10, 1861, p. 2: 2.
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    Chicago Tribune
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    Prepare to Howl!
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    Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    It is evident that Mr. Lincoln and his Cabinet are about to undertake the inforcement of the revenue laws and the reinforcement of the government forts in the seceeding States. That they will be able to do this without bloodshed, there is little hope. The determination of the rebels is to continue their defiance of the laws and their agressions upon the Federal property; and in pursuance of their plans they will open fire upon any vessel attempting to collect duties or protect the nation’s rights. As soon as they do this and compel the forces of the Republic to repel attack, we advise the semi-secession papers to set up the howl that the “President is inaugurating civil war.” Let the, forgetting that the President is strictly within the line of constitutional duty to which he is bound by a solemn oath, repeat this phrase time and time again. Let them cover up and put out of sight the insults and aggressions of the traitors, continued without intermission for more than four months, and put all the blame on the constituted authorities. Let them howl, rave, rant and roar! Let them scream with simulated rage and undisguised hate; and by keeping up the show, somebody may, by and by, begin to believe that the Secessionists are so many gentle doves, who would not crush a worm, and that the ferocious Lincoln and blood-thirsty Seward are conspirators against the Union that they have both sworn to preserve. Will not the Times prepare to begin?

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