Campbell Kinnear to Abraham Lincoln, January 29, 1861

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    Campbell Kinnear to Abraham Lincoln, January 29, 1861, Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress,
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    Kinnear, Campbell
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    Transcribed by the Lincoln Studies Center, Knox College, Galesburg, IL
    Adapted by Don Sailer, Dickinson College
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    The following transcript has been adapted from the Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress.

    January 29th 1861

    Dear Sir

    Permit an old Friend of Henry Clay's & a Republican living in Indiana to say to you that you have the power in your hands yet to save this Union If you will consent to an honorable compromize posterity will rise up & call you blessed if you leave the union loving & conservative Republicans who are nearly all for concileation & adopt the policy of the ultra wing of our party & attempt to coerce the south to remain in the Union our sun will set in blood & Anarchy with all its horrors reign in our beloved country. Lord "Wellington said he would freely give his life to prevent one months civil war in England" & all good men of every party when calm reflection returns will be willing to take Henry Clay's compromize line instead of seeing this union rent in fragments "and drenched in fraternal blood" The question between the North & the South seems to be not the freedom or the slavery of of the black race but where shall they resid I am an old man & I have held offices civil & Military & the Governments of Earth will not long trouble me but I would like to close my eyes for the last time on a happy & undivided Union.

    Your sincere friend & well-wisher

    Campbell Kinnear

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