New York Times, “Republican Planks,” June 10, 1857

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    “Republican Planks,” New York Times, June 10, 1857, p. 5: 2.
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    New York Daily Times
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    Republican Planks
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    Scott Ackerman, Dickinson College
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    Republican Planks.

    The following resolutions were unanimously passed by a full meeting of the Nineteenth Ward Republican Association, on Friday last, after being the subject of consideration at a previous stated meeting:

    Resolved, As the sense of this Association, that the public lands should go into the possession of actual settlers only, and that too, at such prices, and in such quantities, that any industrious man may obtain sufficient to supply his family the substantial comforts and necessaries of life.

    Resolved, That one ground of our hostility to Slavery is in connection with this subject. The lordly master, with his numerous chattel slaves, extends himself over, impoverishes and blasts lands which would otherwise, and for all time, sustain in comfort and prosperity ten times the number of hardy intelligent, and industrious freemen.

    The following, after being debated, and receiving a considerable support, was finally laid upon the table for future action:

    Resolved, That we would cheerfully acquiesce in, and heartily support any public measure which may be devised, either by the income from the public lands or otherwise, whereby remuneration shall be made to the master, and Slavery shall cease to exist in our land.

    The next stated meeting of the Association was fixed for the second Friday in July next.

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