Republican Party

Date Event
Coles Bashford sworn in as Republican governor of Wisconsin
The 34th Congress opens in Washington, DC
The Republican Party holds its first national meeting
The Republican Party convention opens in Philadelphia
First Republican Governor of Illinois inaugurated
Lincoln holds meeting regarding 1860 election
Senator Seward gives his famous "irrepressible conflict" speech in Rochester, New York
New Hampshire Republicans hold their state nominating convention
The Connecticut Republican Party Convention meets in New Haven
Senator Seward sails for Europe on a mission to "recruit his health" and study "Old World" institutions
The Republican Party is organized in Kansas at a Convention in Osawatomie
Republican Governor Alexander Randall re-elected in Wisconsin
Republicans sweep Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's municipal elections
Cassius Clay speaks for more than three hours from the Capitol steps in Frankfort, Kentucky
Thirty-ninth ballot in the election for Speaker sees John Sherman fall behind for the first time
John W. Forney returns as Clerk of the House, this time as a Republican
- Pennsylvania Opposition Party Convention nominates Cameron for President and Curtin for Governor
Wisconsin Republicans support William Seward for President
Ohio Republicans meet in Columbus and select Senator Chase as their choice for President
John Wentworth once again becomes mayor of Chicago
Massachusetts Republicans make William H. Seward their first choice for President
Abraham Lincoln rallies Connecticut Republicans in a strong evening speech at Norwich
House of Representatives passes the Homestead Bill
Nebraska Republicans dominate election for delegates to the territorial constitutional convention
William H. Bissell becomes the first Illinois governor to die in office
Republicans sweep state elections in Connecticut
In Virginia, Prince William County Republicans meet to choose delegates for the state convention in Wheeling
New York State Republican Convention selects William H. Seward as its choice for President
Maryland Republicans hold their state convention in Baltimore amidst hostile crowds
The Virginia Republican State Convention meets in Wheeling, Virginia
- Illinois Republicans hold their state convention in Decatur and nominate Richard Yates for governor
The U.S. Senate passes its version of the Homestead Bill
Female correspondent covers the Chicago Convention of the Republican Party
- Republican National Convention meets in Chicago, Illinois
In Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln is formally offered the Republican Party nomination for President
In Springfield, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln formally accepts the Republican nomination for President
Pennsylvania Republicans meet in Harrisburg and Philadelphia to ratify the recent nominations in Chicago
Virginia Republican arrested for circulating anti-southern literature
In Detroit, Michigan Republicans endorse the Chicago nominations and choose Austin Blair for governor
President Buchanan vetoes the Homestead Bill of 1860
Vermont Republican Convention meets in Rutland and nominates Erastus Fairbanks for governor
Ohio Republican congressional candidate leaves party over platform plank on immigrant voting
Prominent New York American Party politician James O. Putnam endorses Abraham Lincoln
At a Lincoln rally in New York City, Horace Greeley woos former Whig and American Party voters
From Missouri, Carl Schurz writes to his wife of his success in winning German-born voters to the Republican side
Nebraska Republicans hold their territorial convention at Plattsmouth
Giant Republican rally in Springfield, Illinois
Governor Banks of Massachusetts declines re-nomination for a second term
In Vermont, Republicans win state-wide elections
Senator W.H. Seward speaks in Detroit on a campaign swing for Republicans in Michigan
Another huge Republican rally, this time in Jersey City, New Jersey
Republicans sweep the Maine state-wide elections
Four thousand "Wide Awake" club members march in a torch-lit parade through Albany, New York
Rhode Island Republican Convention held in Providence
Senator Seward campaigns for the Republican Party in St. Joseph, Missouri
In New York City, Republican "Wide Awakes" brawl with Bell supporters on Broadway
In New York City, 12,000 Republican "Wide-Awakes" march in a huge torch-lit night parade
William H. Seward continues his stumping tour for Republicans in Cleveland, Ohio
Republicans sweep to victory in state-wide elections in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota
New York City's veterans of the War of 1812 meet and declare for Lincoln and the Republicans
Abraham Lincoln votes in Springfield, Illinois at 3:30PM and waits for election news at a local telegraph office
Governor Buckingham re-elected as Republicans once again sweep state elections in Connecticut
In New Jersey, the state capital Trenton elects its first Republican mayor
Republican governors Andrew of Massachusetts and Ramsey of Minnesota easily re-elected
In Sacramento, Republican railway builder Leland Stanford becomes the eighth governor of California
Senatorial caucus meets to discuss Cabinet crisis
In Concord, Republican railway executive Joseph Gilmore is sworn in as governor of New Hampshire
Date Title
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