Ruben F. Briggs to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, March 15, 1864, New Orleans, Louisiana

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    Ruben F. Briggs to Abraham Lincoln, Tuesday, March 15, 1864 (Political affairs in Louisiana), Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress,
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    Ruben F. Briggs
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    Transcribed by the Lincoln Studies Center, Knox College, Galesburg, IL
    Adapted by John Osborne, Dickinson College
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    The following transcript has been adapted from the Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress.
    Neworleans La'
    Mar 15th 1864
    Mr. President
    allow me to call your attention to the enclosed statement. the Press here were afraid of the authorities and refused to Publish it and as a loyal citizen I deem it my duty to send it to you so that your honest mind may Judge how things are being conducted in this department Mr Morgan is known here as an honest unassuming loyal citizen and allthough his statement has not been Published this community are well acquainted with the facts and you can here hear the honest and loyal portion of them exclaim on evry corner we are not safe here no now. Mr. Morgan sent a statement of what actually took Place to Gov. Shepley but Shepley replied that he could do nothing because they were all about to be turned over out of office but the fact was that this man Rufus. B. Long had been stealing large sums of money and the money has been divided between himself Capt James F Miller the Mayor. Acting under under Shepley and Shepley himself Maj Genl Banks allso received a Statement of what had took place from Mr. Morgan and he did nothing in the matter But said a great outrge outrage had been perpetrated upon him it is Rumord here on the streets to day that the reason why Maj. Genl. Banks did not interfere he thought Gov Shepley would complain at Washington that he Genl Banks had interfered with he Shepley Business hence the cause of the loyal citizens not feeling safe here at present your Excellency will notice upon reading this letter that I am uneducated but I am nevtheless loyal Both to my government and to your Excellency and I claim to be heard I shall take the liberty of making a few suggestions to you I do not think congress will recognize the Hon M. Hahn election and if it does not I suggest that you appoint Maj. Genl Washberne of the 13 amy Cor to command the department of the Gulf and appoint Genl Emory Millitary Gov. of the State of La or Brigadier Genl Birge as Millitary Govr. as for the loyalty and integrity of C. C. Morgan, I refer your Excellency to Maj. Genl. Butler Mr. Morgan was one of the first loyal men to gret greet that great man when he landed in Neworleans and allthoug allthough he has neve yet sought for an office and I can assure your Excellency that this community feels very indignant at the deep villany which has been Practiced upon him this Recorder [Vennard?] who Shepley appointed is well known here as a Black hearted Rebel and all the officers in [Vennard?] court and when a true loyal citizen get before them they put him through and now hopeing that God will Bless preserve, and protect your Excellency
    I have the honor
    to Remain your
    Excellency most obedient
    Ruben F. Briggs
    the Reason why I sa suggest the Name of Maj. Genl. Washburne the Soldiers all have confidence in in him and all the loyal Citizens from Neworleans to New Iberia [attapassas?] I can here hear the people praise him evry day the Say Genl Banks has his heart too full of Politicks for war times
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