New York Times, “The Republicans and Gov. Walker,” November 18, 1857

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    “The Republicans and Gov. Walker,” New York Times, November 18, 1857, p. 5: 1.
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    New York Tribune
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    New York Times
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    The Republicans and Gov. Walker
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    Wes McCoy, Dickinson College
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    The Republicans and Gov. Walker.

    From the New-York Tribune.

    WASHINGTON, Saturday, Nov. 14

    When the question of WALKER’S confirmation as Governor of Kansas comes before the Senate, it is probable that the determination of the question may depend upon the Republican Senators. Already speculation is rife as to the course they are likely to pursue. It is conjectured, on the one hand, that they will leave the contending factions of the Democracy to fight out the quarrel among themselves; and on the other, that they will throw their votes against WALKER. The argument in favor of the latter course is, that it will embarrass the Administration and tend to widen the already serious breach in the “Democratic” ranks. That the rejection of Governor WALKER would have this effect is certain, but it is equally certain that it must be his rejection by “Democratic” and not by Republican votes. The Republican Senators cannot oppose his confirmation without placing themselves in a factious attitude. Apposition for reasonable cause would be justified by the country, but not an opposition which had no other motive than to harass the Administration. If the ultra South faction carry out in Congress their present threats, they will give the Administration any desirable quantity of trouble. It is my impression, however, that they will back out, or at any rate when they come to show their hands find themselves too weak to secure WALKER’S rejection.

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