Indianapolis, IN

    Place Unit Type
    City or Town
    Containing Unit
    Date Type
    Breckinridge supporters meet in Indianapolis, Indiana Campaigns/Elections
    Freak railroad accident hits Indiana governor's train and kills the state's Superintendent of Instruction Crime/Disasters
    In Columbus, Ohio, Lambdin P. Milligan walks free after almost two years in prison Lawmaking/Litigating
    In Indiana, a morning fire destroys the First Baptist Church of Indianapolis Crime/Disasters
    In Indiana, the Breckinridge Democrats meet in a state convention in Indianapolis Campaigns/Elections
    In Indianapolis, the Indiana Democratic Party holds its state convention Campaigns/Elections
    - Indiana Democratic Convention meets in Indianapolis Campaigns/Elections
    Indiana Republicans meet in convention in Indianapolis and praise President Johnson Campaigns/Elections
    Indiana's Constitutional Union Party selects Ohio's Judge John McLean as choice for President Campaigns/Elections
    Indiana's Democrats hold a mass meeting at their convention in Indianapolis Campaigns/Elections
    Madam C.J. Walker, America's leading female entrepreneur of her time, is born to freed slaves in Louisiana. Personal
    President Lincoln's casket lays in state at the State Capitol in Indianapolis, Indiana Personal
    President-Elect Abraham Lincoln visits Indianapolis on his eleven-day pre-inaugural journey Campaigns/Elections
    Reaching his home state, President Lincoln's remains arrive in Chicago to a remarkable reception Personal
    - The "Indiana Colored Convention" is meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. Campaigns/Elections
    The U.S. Supreme Court decides "Ex Parte Milligan" in favor of the plaintiffs and orders them released Lawmaking/Litigating
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