Mexico City, Mexico

Place Unit Type
City or Town
Containing Unit
Date Type
Angered at Washington's recognition of Juarez, the Conservative Government in Mexico expels all U.S. consular officers US/the World
At the port of Veracruz, French forces complete their evacuation from Mexico. US/the World
At Vera Cruz, Emperor Maximilian of Mexico arrives in his new country for the first time US/the World
French commander Marshal Bazaine leads French troops out of Mexico City for evacuation from Vera Cruz. US/the World
French troops enter the Mexican capital after an eighteen month campaign US/the World
In London, Britain, France, and Spain agree to a military intervention in Mexico to force payment of debts US/the World
In Mexico, a French-appointed Assembly declares an empire and offers the throne to Archduke Maximillian US/the World
In Mexico, Benito Juarez turns down a British proposed six month truce in the country Foreign
In Mexico, Miramón arrives at Medellin to attack Juarez forces at Vera Cruz Foreign
In Mexico, Miramón departs Mexico City to march on Juarez forces at Vera Cruz Foreign
Mexican conservatives rise up against the moderate liberal government Foreign
Mexican liberals begin to advance westward towards Mexico City in hopes of winning the War of the Reform Foreign
Mexican liberals recapture Mexico City US/the World
Mexican moderates revolt against the liberal government and jail Benito Juárez Foreign
Mexican president Ignacio Comonfort resigns and flees Mexico City Foreign
Mexico suspends interest payments on it foreign debts and causes consternation in Europe US/the World
President Benito Juarez adjourns the Mexican Congress and abandons Mexico City to the French US/the World
President Benito Juarez returns to Mexico City and the restoration of republican rule. US/the World
The newly sworn Emperor Maximilian of Mexico arrives in his capital city for the first time US/the World
Burial Place of
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