Place Unit Type
Containing Unit
Date Type
At Miramar Castle in Trieste, Austria, Archduke Maximilian officially accepts the imperial throne of Mexico US/the World
Civil war erupts in Mexico Foreign
Congress declares war with Mexico following attacks on US forces in disputed Texas border areas Lawmaking/Litigating
Decisive French action defeats a Mexican force attempting to resupply the besieged city of Puebla Battles/Soldiers
Famed Mexican Republican guerrilla leader, Manuel Garcia Pueblita, is killed in central Mexico US/the World
Gaston Raousset begins a second filibustering incursion into northern Mexico Battles/Soldiers
In Mexico, Juan N. Alvarez assumes control of the Restorer of Liberty Army Foreign
Liberal leader Benito Juárez returns to Mexico from exile in the US and the Caribbean Foreign
Mexican conservatives ask Austrian prince Maximilian to become Emperor of Mexico US/the World
Mexican General José María Yáñez captures French filibuster Gaston Raousset Foreign
Mexican president Antonio López de Santa Anna closes congress and abolishes all political parties Foreign
Mexican president Antonio López de Santa Anna resigns and goes into exile Foreign
Mexican troops rebel against President Antonio López de Santa Anna and call for liberal reforms Foreign
Mexico adopts a new liberal constitution Foreign
Mexico begins preparing troops for a possible war with the United States. Military/Violent
Mexico's controversial ex-president Antonio López de Santa Anna, living in exile, wins a new presidential election Foreign
New Mexican president Félix María Zuloaga declares all liberal reforms to be null and void Foreign
President Buchanan appoints Robert McLane as minister to Mexico US/the World
The United States recognizes the Liberal government of Benito Juarez in Mexico US/the World
Name Type
Acapulco, Mexico City or Town
Ayutla, Mexico City or Town
Buena Vista, Mexico City or Town
Colima, Mexico City or Town
Durango, Mexico State or Province
Guadalajara, Mexico City or Town
Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico City or Town
Guanajuato, Mexico City or Town
Jalisco, Mexico State or Province
Lower California (Baja California) State or Province
Mexico City, Mexico City or Town
Monterrey, Mexico City or Town
Oaxaca, Mexico State or Province
Queretaro, Mexico State or Province
San Luis Potosi, Mexico State or Province
Sonora, Mexico State or Province
Tabasco, Mexico State or Province
Tamaulipas, Mexico State or Province
Vera Cruz, Mexico City or Town
Veracruz, Mexico State or Province
Zacatecas, Mexico State or Province
Date Title
(Mexico) El Monitor Republicano, "Latest News," May 4, 1846
(Mexico) El Monitor Republicano, "Untitled," May 12, 1846
Debate Over Increase of the Army, House of Representatives, January 9, 1847
Debate Over Thanks to Gen. Taylor and Army Resolution, US Senate, February 3, 1847
Abraham Lincoln, Speech in United States House of Representatives: The War with Mexico, January 12, 1848
Abraham Lincoln to William Hernden, June 22, 1848
David Wilmot’s Speech in the House of Representatives, Washington, DC, August 3, 1848
New York Herald, “Mr. Clay's Compromise, and the Cabinet,” February 1, 1850
Fayetteville (NC) Observer, “More Fillibusters [Filibusters],” January 7, 1856
New York Times, “Gen. Walker’s Letter,” September 23, 1857
New York Times, “The American Panic,” October 14, 1857
New York Times, “The Fight in Congress,” December 18, 1857
New York Times, “Highly Important from Mexico,” April 12, 1858
New York Times, “The New Orleans Committee,” June 5, 1858
Chicago (IL) Tribune, “Revolution in New Orleans,” June 6, 1858
New York Herald, “The Hon. Joshua R. Giddings vs. the Administration and the Slave Power,” June 27, 1858
New York Times, "The American Gold Fields," July 2, 1858
Boston (MA) Flag of Our Union, "The Mormon War," July 3, 1858
New York Times, "The Tribune on Manifest Destiny," July 10, 1858
New York Times, “The Boundary Survey between Mexico and the United States,” September 27, 1858
New York Times, "Important From Mexico," October 13, 1858
New York Times, “The Home Squadron,” October 27, 1858
New York Times, "A Recognition of President Juarez," November 5, 1858
New York Times, “The President and the Filibusters,” November 23, 1858
New York Times, “Who is President of Mexico?,” December 22, 1858
Charleston (SC) Mercury, “Present and Future Territories,” January 7, 1859
New York Herald, “The Present Congress and the Next President,” January 17, 1859
New York Herald, “Another Grand Scheme of Annexation,” January 22, 1859
New York Herald, “The Presidential Question,” January 29, 1859
New York Times, "News By Telegraph," February 21, 1859
Charleston (SC) Mercury, “The Gold Regions of the West,” February 24, 1859
Charleston (SC) Mercury, “A Hand Writing on the Wall,” March 11, 1859
Charleston (SC) Mercury, “Cuba at the North,” March 21, 1859
San Francisco (CA) Evening Bulletin, “Filibusterism and Disunion,” April 1, 1859
New York Herald, “Mr. Buchanan and the Succession,” July 24, 1859
William T. Sherman to Ellen Sherman, October 29, 1859
William T. Sherman to Ellen Sherman, December 12, 1859
Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, “The President’s Message,” December 28, 1859
William T. Sherman to John Sherman, February 1860
Boston (MA) Advertiser, “The Troubles in Texas,” March 13, 1860
Wilkes' Spirit of the Times, "Spirit of the Week," March 17, 1860
Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, “At War With Mexico,” March 21, 1860
Cleveland (OH) Herald, “War With Mexico,” March 23, 1860
William Wilkins to James Watson Webb, March 26, 1860
New York Herald, “Seward’s Opinion on the Mexican Business,” April 1, 1860
Cleveland (OH) Herald, “What Lincoln Did Not Do,” May 30, 1860
New York Herald, “Trouble Brewing at Vera Cruz,” August 24, 1860
New York Times, “Used Up,” September 12, 1860
Wiped Out
New York Times, “Spain as an American Power,” September 24, 1860
Cleveland (OH) Herald, “There's No Secession in That,” October 13, 1860
Lowell (MA) Citizen & News, “British Views of Secession,” December 14, 1860
New York Times, "Secession is Anarchy," December 25, 1860
Cleveland (OH) Herald, “What Does It All Mean?,” April 9, 1861
Proclamation of the Allied Commissioners to the People of Mexico, Vera Cruz, January 10, 1862
William Elisha Stoker to Elizabeth E. Stoker, December 21, 1862
Abraham Lincoln to Nathaniel Prentice Banks, August 5, 1863
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