Fayetteville, NC

Cumberland County, North Carolina, 1857
FAYETTEVILLE, c. h., p. v., seat of justice of Cumberland co., N. C., 159 ms. N. E. of Columbia; from W. 348 ms. Watered by Cape Fear river. Pop. in 1830, 2,868; in 1840, 4,285; in 1850, 4,648 (Fanning's, 1853)

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  City or Town
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Birthplace of

Beebe, Joseph Andrew

Joseph Andrew Beebe, detail
Full name
  Joseph Andrew Beebe

Hilliard, Henry Washington

Henry Washington Hilliard, circa 1849, detail
Full name
  Henry Washington Hilliard

Leary, Lewis Sheridan

Lewis Sheridan Leary, photograph, 1859
Full name
  Lewis Sheridan Leary

Revels, Hiram Rhoades

Hiram Rhoades Revels, detail
Full name
  Hiram Rhoades Revels

Shepherd, Henry Elliot

Henry Eliot Shepherd, detail
Full name
  Henry Elliot Shepherd
Burial place of

Holmes, Theophilus Hunter

Theophilus Hunter Holmes, detail
Full name
  Theophilus Hunter Holmes


Contained places
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Fayetteville Arsenal, Fayetteville, NC Location or Site