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Dread Scott (Christian Inquirer)


“Death of Dred Scott,” Christian Inquirer, October 16, 1858, p. 3: 2.

Death of Dred Scott. – The name of Dred Scott is imperishable,
for it is the title of a great step taken in behalf of American
slavery, which will be followed by others, or else will have to be
reversed by the slow but sure progress of free principles. But Dred
Scott, the individual, the negro of African descent, and therefore not
a citizen, is no more. He died at St. Louis on Friday last, at a very
advanced age. Nearly all of his years were passed in obscurity, and his
greatness was thrust upon him as the sands of life were fast running
out. Ten years ago he brought the suite for his freedom, which was
finally determined by the Supreme Court at Washington, at the December
term of 1856. What the majority of the Judges decided, beyond that they
had not jurisdiction of the case, in consequence of the decision of the
Supreme Court of Missouri, has been variously and inconsistently
interpreted. But the decision has gone into politics, and is destined
to exert a powerful influence on the country, even if it is not made
the basis, as it probably will be, of further judicial decisions. Thus
the name of Dred Scott will be kept before the American people, and
will doubtless figure on the pages of history to the end of time. – Boston Journal.


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