Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, 1860, zoomable map
Laurel Hill Cemetery, in the neighborhood of Fairmount, is one of the most beautiful places of the kind in the country. The naturally-diversified surface of the ground, including about 20 acres, the trees, shrubs, foliage, and fragrant flowers with which it is adorned, and the costly and finely-sculptured monuments with which it is interspersed, render this a retreat at once of pleasing and of solemn interest. (Gazetteer of the United States of America, 1854)

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Burial place of

Brisbane, William

William Brisbane, detail
Full name
  William Brisbane

Crawford, Samuel Wylie

Samuel Wylie Crawford, detail
Full name
  Samuel Wylie Crawford

Cummings, Alexander

Alexander Cummings, detail
Full name
  Alexander Cummings

Dahlgren, John Adolphus Bernard

John Adolphus Bernard Dahlgren, detail
Full name
  John Adolphus Dahlgren

Hale, Sarah Josepha Buell

Sarah Josepha Hale, engraving, detail
Full name
  Sarah Josepha Buell Hale

Henry, Alexander

Alexander Henry, 1859, detail
Full name
  Alexander Henry

Kennedy, John

John Kennedy, detail
Full name
  John Kennedy

Leland, Charles Godfrey

Charles Godfrey Leland, circa 1865, detail
Full name
  George Godfrey Leland

Malcolm, Howard

Howard Malcolm, detail
Full name
  Howard Malcolm

Meade, George Gordon

George Gordon Meade, detail
Full name
  George Gordon Meade