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Federal Judge Cradlebaugh protests the Governor's order to remove U.S. troops aiding his court in Provo, Utah

Utah Territory, 1857, zoomable map
Federal Judge John Cradlebaugh had opened a session of federal court in Provo, Utah largely to pursue indictments against the Mormon men implicated in the Mountain Meadows Massacre sixteen months before. Since there were none of the usual court or jail facilities available, Cradlebaugh requested federal troops to secure the proceedings. This brought protests from the Mormon mayor of Provo and Governor Albert Cumming was prevailed upon to ask the regional commander, General Albert Sidney Johnston, to withdraw his men. When Johnston cited the judicial request and refused, Cumming stood on his position as territorial governor to order the removal. Despite Cradlebaugh's denouncement of the order in his court, the troops were returned to their units a few days later. (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
Hubert Howe Bancroft, Alfred Bates, History of Utah (San Francisco, CA: The History Company, 1890), 561-562.