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Gettysburg Address (Hay Draft), November 19, 1863

Gettysburg Address (Hay Draft), November 19, 1863 (Page 1), zoomable image
There are five versions of the Gettysburg Address in Abraham Lincoln's handwriting. The "Hay Draft" or "Hay Copy" (named after young presidential aide John Hay) represents either the first or (more likely) the second draft of the short speech that President Lincoln delivered at the Soldiers' National Cemetery on November 19, 1863 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. There is a serious debate about this among historians, but the Hay Draft is the version of the Gettysburg Address that appears to match most closely with newspaper accounts of what Lincoln actually said on the day of his great Address. However, the Hay Copy is not folded, and therefore many doubt that it could have been the "speaking text" used by the president. (By Matthew Pinsker)


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