Chicago (IL) Times, "The Campaign - The Discussion at Freeport," August 30, 1858

During the Illinois Senatorial Campaign of 1858, the Democrat-affiliated Chicago Times ran a series of columns covering the debates headlined “The Campaign.” The editorial about the Freeport Debate depicted the “grand salute” that heralded the arrival of Stephen Douglas, “the champion of popular rights.” The Times reported that Abraham Lincoln struggled to find a stenographer and ended his opening speech early. Focusing upon Lincoln’s mannerisms during the rest of the speech, the article stated that he was “shivering, quaking, trembling, and his agony … during Douglas’ speech … was unbearable.” (By David Park)

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"The Campaign. --The Discussion at Freeport," Chicago (IL) Times, August 30, 1858, in Edwin Erie Sparks, ed., The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 (Springfield: Illinois State Historical Library, 1908), 188-190.
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  Chicago Times
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  The Campaign.--The Discussion at Freeport
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  Transcription adapted from The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 (1908), edited by Edwin Erle Sparks
  Adapted by David Park, Dickinson College
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