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In China, American adventurer Frederick Ward and his men capture fortress of Sung-Chiang from Taiping rebels

Frederick Townsend Ward, detail
Frederick Townsend Ward, an American adventurer who had fought in the Crimean War and with William Walker's filibusters, recruited a small mercenary force in Shanghai and offered its services for cash to beleaguered local leaders beset by Taiping rebels.  On the second attempt, he and his men recaptured the fortress of  Sung-Chiang from rebel forces.  He continued his mercenary efforts at the head of the "Ever Victorious Army" until dying of wounds after the Battle of Cixi on September 21 1862.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
Ralph Delahaye Paine, The Ships and Sailors of old Salem .... (Chicago, IL: A. C. McClurg, 1912), 458.