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On the River Thames, the Royal Navy launches the first iron-hulled ocean-going armored steam frigate

Launching of H.M.S. Warrior, London, December 1860, artist's impression
H.M. S. Warrior was the first all-iron hulled armored ocean-going steam screw-driven warship. Built at the Thames Ironworks at Blackwall in east London, she weighed 6,109 tons, measured 380 feet in length, carried thirty-two of the heaviest guns afloat, and 705 men.  The Warrior served for forty years, and was retired in March 1900 with the same 1,250 horse power engines with which she was built.  The day of the launch was so cold the iron ship froze for a time to the launching slips. (By John Osborne)   
Source Citation: 
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