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Union troops push back attacking Virginia units around Harpers Ferry near Pritchard's Mill on the Potomac

Civil War Battle, iconic image
Pennsylvania and Massachusetts troops under Colonel John W. Geary fought a sharp skirmish around Harpers Ferry near Pritchard's Mill on the Potomac.  Virginia troops ambushed a Union patrol in the morning and then attacked the larger force.  Geary's men fought back and by six o'clock had cleared the Confederates from positions on Loudoun Heights and other strongpoints. Geary estimated Virginia casualties at 18 killed.  He lost only one man killed and three wounded and noted the superior range of his Enfield rifles by way of partial explanation.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
Chronicles of the Great Rebellion Against the United States of America (Philadelphia, PA: A. Winch, 1867), 12.