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At Fort Fauntleroy, New Mexico troops massacre visiting Navajo families, killing twelve and injuring forty

"Protecting the Herd," Frederic Remington, circa 1907
Navajo Indians gathered at Fort Fauntleroy in New Mexico for an issue of rations and friendly horseraces between the Navajo and the New Mexico Volunteers stationed there.  A convivial atmosphere was transformed with a disagreement over the final race of the day, the visitors expelled, and a Navajo man shot dead by a sentry.  In all, the troops killed twelve Navajo men, women, and children and wounded around forty more.  (By John Osborne) 
Source Citation: 
William A. Keleher, Turmoil in New Mexico, 1846-1868 (Santa Fe, NM: Rydal Press, 1952), 298-299.