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Colonel George D. Bayard, First Pennsylvania Cavalry, Report on Expedition to Dranesville, Virginia, November 27, 1861

George Dashiell Bayard, detail
Units of the First Pennsylvania Cavalry under the youthful regular cavalry officer Colonel George Dashiell Bayard pushed out from their headquarters at Camp Pierpont, Virginia towards the crossroads village of Dranesville about thirteen miles away in Fairfax County on a reconnaissance-in-strength. Bayard's report that evening outlined the results of the foray, which included a sharp engagement with South Carolina troops following an ambush. He sums up the day with the words "We killed or captured all we saw." This patrol was typical of the efforts to maintain a Union influence in the Virginia counties surrounding Washington, D.C.. Just over a year later, Colonel Bayard, promoted to brigadier-general, died of shrapnel wounds sustained at Fredericksburg in December 1862, four days before his twenty-seventh birthday. (By John Osborne)