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Mayor John T. Monroe to Flag-Officer David Farragut

New Orleans, Louisiana, from Saint Patrick's Church, 1852
Virginia-born New Orleans Mayor John T. Monroe ordered the flying of the Louisiana state flag over City Hall after Confederate General Mansfield Lovell abandoned the city. Flag-Officer David Farragut, in command of the Union naval force in the harbor, sent two officers to demand that it be taken down and that the city be surrendered. Defiant citizens, at the same time, were forming mobs to resist any Union occupation; the Union officers delivering the message and receiving the answer at City Hall had to be spirited away by fast carriage. Monroe's refusal to lower the state flag led over the next few days to Farragut threatening bombardment and New Orleans was not fully occupied until General Benjamin Butler arrived on May 1, 1862 with five thousand Union Army troops. Butler later arrested and imprisoned Mayor Monroe for continuing to protest occupation orders. (By John Osborne)


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