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James G. Blunt to Frank J. Bramhall, July 20, 1863

James Gillpatrick Blunt, detail
Major General James G. Blunt wrote to the young New York author, Frank J. Bramhall describing his recent exploits in Indian Territory, or, in his words, to "instruct a New-Yorker to know how we do up matters in the West." Blunt had risen from his sick-bed and marched his troops to Honey Springs in Indian Territory to thwart a planned Confederate counter-offensive. Three days before he wrote, in a brief but intense battle, his men put the Confederate force there to flight and captured the important supply base. Though Blunt does not mention this in his letter, a significant fact about this western battle was the fact that most of the 3000 Confederates were Native Americans, while his like-numbered Union force was made up largely of Native American soldiers and African-American troops from the First Kansas Colored Infantry. Texas infantry played an important part in the Confederate defense, and others took part, as well, but whites were certainly in the minority of the combatants involved in the battle. Blunt's description of the fight is vivid and he also gives an accounting of the casualties both sides suffered. (By John Osborne)


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