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In Dakota Territory, near Dead Buffalo Lake, Lakota Sioux strike at the pursuing U.S. Army but are driven off

Henry Hastings Sibley, detail
Two days earlier General H.H. Sibley and his 2000 men had defeated the main body of the Santee Sioux at Big Mound and driven them westward. The Santee were then reinforced by the Lakota Sioux who made a bold attempt to destroy the supply wagons of Sibley's column.  After a sharp fight, the Lakota, who included Sitting Bill, were driven off in a relatively small skirmish.  Around ten Sioux may have become casualties.  Sibley lost one man killed.  The Sioux retreat and the Army's pursuit continued.  (By John Osborne) 
Source Citation: 
Micheal Clodfelter, The Dakota War: The United States Army Versus the Sioux, 1862-1865 (Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Company, 1998), 101-104.