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In northern Virginia, units of the Army of the Potomac pass in review before their commander, General Meade

Grand Review of the Army of the Potomac, September 1863, Thomas Nast, artist's impression, detail
In northern Virginia, prior to the Union advance southward, the Third Corps of the Army of the Potomac paraded before Army Commander General George Meade and its own commander, General French. On a warm day of fine weather, the generals rode through the lines and then the corp's three divisions passed in review.  The artist, Thomas Nast, captured the scene in a widely circulated sketch.  (By John Osborne)  
Source Citation: 
George Gordon Meade, The Life and Letters of George Gordon Meade, Major-General United States Army, Vol. 2, (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1913), p. 147.