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Off the coast of Maine, a passenger ship from Liverpool runs on to rocks, and twenty lives are lost

Wreck of the transAtlantic steamer "Bohemian," near Portland, Maine, February 22, 1864, British artist's impression
The Canadian owned steamship Bohemian had left Liverpool eighteen days before and had almost completed her crossing, with around 220 passengers and 100 crew.  Approaching Portland Harbor, off the coast of Maine, around 8 p.m., she struck rocks and sank in twenty feet of water.  The weather was calm and all aboard were removed safely except for twenty unfortunate Irish immigrants who drowned when their boat overturned.  (By John Osborne) 
Source Citation: 
"The Wreck of the Bohemian," The Illustrated London News, March 9, 1864, pp. 285-286.