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Dost Mohammed Khan, Amir of Afghanistan, dies in Herat

Shere Ali Khan, Amir of Afghanistan, 1869
Dost Mohammed Khan, the founder of the Barakzai dynasty, had ruled Afghanistan for much of the period between 1825 and 1863 as Amir.  He had fluctuated between favoring and opposing British interests in the area.  He died as a British ally, gaining their aid to drive an invading Persian Army from Afghanistan.  He named his son, Shere Ali Khan, his successor as Amir.  Shere Ali Khan ruled until exiled by the British in 1879 when he backed the wrong side in a British-Russian conflict. (By John Osborne)
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Spencer C. Tucker (ed.), A Global Chronology of Conflict: From the Ancient World to the Modern Middle East (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010), 1397. 


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