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In western Virginia, Union forces drive Confederates from entrenched positions at the Battle of Fisher's Hill

Strasburg, Virginia, during the Battle of Fisher's Hill, September 21-22, 1864, artist's impression, detail
09/21/1864 to 09/22/1864
Retreating after fighting yet another battle at Winchester, Confederate General Jubal Early's heavily outnumbered forces took up strong defensive positions near Strasburg, Virginia.  Union General Sheridan's cavalry pressured their flanks and his Sixth and Twenty-Ninth Corps made a spirited infantry assault that broke the Confederate line.  Early was again forced to retreat having suffered more than a thousand casualties.  (By John Osborne)  
Source Citation: 
Chronicles of the Great Rebellion Against the United States of America ... (Philadelphia, A. Winch, 1867), 84.