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Lieutenant-General Nathan B. Forrest's Farewell to his Troops, Gainesville, Alabama

Nathan Bedford Forrest, detail
Lieutenant-General Nathan Bedford Forrest was one of the most famous cavalry leaders on either side of the Civil War. Feared and revered, stained somewhat with his involvement in the massacre at Fort Pillow, he led from the from the front and was rumored to have killed at least thirteen Union soldiers in battle with his own hand. He had been unsuccessful in his attempt to defend Alabama in April 1865, however, and surrendered with his troops, along with the rest of the Confederacy's Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana in early May 1865. Here, he takes leave of his troops with a farewell address that suggests little of his future involvement as a founder of the post-war Klu Klux Klan. (By John Osborne)


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