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George D. Prentice, Editorial on the fall of Richmond, Louisville Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, April 4, 1865

George Dennison Prentice, circa 1860, detail
George D. Prentice was a New Englander who had moved to Kentucky and co-founded the Louisville Journal in 1830, building the newspaper over forty years into the strongest voice for Whig politics in the state. He had flirted with the Know-Nothings in the 1850s but when the Civil War broke out, he spoke up strongly for Kentucky to at least remain neutral. He supported the Union, in general, while speaking up against Union policies and incompetence when he decided them damaging to Louisville and Kentucky. He later spoke up against many of the federal government's Reconstruction policies. In this editorial, however, his paper mirrors the relief and the widespread rejoicing that met the fall of Richmond the Sunday before. To the newspaper and people around the country, outside the Confederacy, the news seemed to herald at last what the editorial calls the "white-winged angel" of peace. (By John Osborne)