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At Salem, Virginia, legendary cavalry commander Colonel J.S. Mosby bids his command farewell for the last time

John Singleton Mosby, c. 1865, detail
Colonel John Singleton Mosby, the intrepid Virginia cavalry leader who had tormented the Union forces in Virginia for years, met for the last time with his command at Salem, Virginia.  He had given them the individual choice to surrender or not.  The six hundred men, in eight companies, mostly opted to lay down their arms, while Mosby and fifty others rode away to try to join the army of Confederate General Josoph Johnston in North Carolina. Mosby himself would not surrender till May 8, 1865. (By John Osborne) 
Source Citation: 
George Baylor, Bull Run to Bull Run: Four Years In the Army of Northern Virginia... (Richmond, VA: B.F. Johnson Publishers, 1900), 340-341.