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Four condemned Lincoln assassination conspirators, including Mary Surratt, are executed in Washington, D.C.

Execution of the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators, Washington D.C., July 7, 1865, artist's impression, detail
At ten past one in the afternoon, in the courtyard of the the Old Penitentiary in Washington, D.C., the four convicted and condemned members of the Lincoln Conspiracy were taken to the scaffold for their execution. Mary Surratt, George Atzerod, David Herrold, and  Lewis Powell were hanged at twenty-six minutes past the hour, and left for twenty minutes before being taken down, examined, and buried. (By John Osborne)), 100-102.
Source Citation: 
Trial of the Assassins and Conspirators of the Murder of Abraham Lincoln (Sixteenth President of the United States).... (Philadelphia, PA:  Barclay & Company, 1865), 100-102.