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In Texas, the bodies of the German-American victims of the 1862 "Nueces Massacre" are buried together.

Burial of German-American remains from the 1862 Nueces Massacre, Comfort, Texas, August 20, 1865, artist's impression
On August 10, 1862, sixty Union sympathizing German-American Texans seeking to flee to Mexico were intercepted by Confederate troops and defeated at the Battle of Nueces. Thirty-seven were killed in action or later executed.  In Comfort, Texas, their recovered bodies were buried in a mass grave, with several hundred people in attendance.  A memorial on the site was planned and dedicated later, on August 10, 1866. (By John Osborne)   
Source Citation: 
"Funeral of German Patriots," Harper's Weekly Magazine, January 20, 1866, 39.