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In St. Louis, a second day of shifting ice on the Mississippi River crushes seven more river boats.

Ice Jam on the Mississippi River at St. Louis, Missouri, December 16, 1865, artist's impression
For the second day in a row, shifting ice on the Mississippi River above St. Louis, Missouri played havoc with the Mississippi steamboats moored on the city's levee.  To the seven vessels destroyed the day before were added the Nebraska, City of Pekin, Hattie May, Diadem, Viola Belle, Reserve, and the Rosalie.  In two days river ice had reduced fourteen steamboats to kindling, for a total loss of an estimated $417,000. (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
William C. Cochran, "Perils of River Navigation," Proceedings of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association; Volume X Part II, for the Year 1919-1920; 1921; p. 331.