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Off New York City, naval engine designs compete in a race between the "Winooski" and the "Algonquin"

Naval Test, race between "Winooski" and "Algoquin," New York Harbor, February 13, 1866, artist's impression
02/13/1866 to 02/14/1866
After an earlier "dock race" of moored engines, the two vessels competing for a naval contract, Benjamin Isherwood's Winooski and Edward Dickerson's Algonquin, competed in a trial race over open water in New York Harbor.  The first day, in fine weather, the Winooski took and early lead and in the deteriorating conditions of the next day built a commanding margin. The Official Report confirmed Winooski's superiority.  (By John Osborne)
Source Citation: 
 Edward William Sloan III, Benjamin Franklin Isherwood, Naval Engineer: The Years as Engineer in Chief, 1861-1869 (Annapolis, MD: United States Naval Institute, 1965), np.