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The deadly platform collapse at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, September 14, 1866, artist's impression, detail.

Scanned by: 
Jia Ma, House Divided Project, Dickinson College
Scan date: 
Cropped, sized, and prepared for use here by John Osborne, Dickinson College, June 10, 2016.
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Archives and Special Collections, Dickinson College
Original caption: 
Appalling calamity at Johnstown, Pa., on Friday, September 14th, caused by the falling of a railroad bridge crowded with the citizens of the town, during the visit of President Johnson and suite - four persons killed and over 350 wounded. - Sketched by our Special Artist, Mr. C.E.H. Bonwill.
Source citation: 

Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, October 6, 1866, p. 40.

Source note: 

Cropped and enlarged from the fuller and larger image, also available here.